Create your own box for disposal of tiny electronics in two easy steps!

Step 1 – Buy two transparent identical containers

Step 2 – Tape them together

Click here to visualize the  type of bins used in this case; of course feel free to get anything else you may like, however, not all containers are stable enough when joined, and not all of them come with openings on the sides – these do both, and are also sturdy & able to withstand considerable weight (with not even a craze line from one year to the next of continuous usage).

The divider seen in the middle is removable. Once you’ve put the containers together, tape the divider on the bottom in order to seal the lower handle holes. (You can tape the divider on the exterior of the containers or you can do it on the inside. When going with the second option insert a ruler through the top aperture & press on the tape until it sticks well.)

Where to place these boxes?

In small shops, photography supplies stores, bars, nightlife venues, perhaps at your workplace or even at home (especially if you vape), hallway of residential buildings, high-schools (in an area that allows for privacy), colleges, other businesses, etc. Ask a person who is in charge/ tell them about this & about the importance of the drop-off containers.

These boxes can be used to collect small items – such as empty vapes, batteries, chargers, ear buds, etc.

When you bring a container to a business, it can be empty, or even consider placing a few vapes inside  – that way people will notice them faster & start using them!

CLICK HERE TO SEE A MAP OF VAPE DISPOSAL BOXES IN NYC! (If you make yours, send a message & we’ll add it to the map.)

WHY DO IT? Because there are no mainstream vape-ashtrays yet, meanwhile, millions of single used vapes are sold each month only in the USA, and they end up in landfills.

Get creative!

Doll up the box you’re making, but don’t over do it (so the vapes stay visible). Most disposal boxes done so far come with a common message -> ‘Make A Wish, Baby!’ (“I Wish I Want To Quit Vaping” is recommended for vapers, but of course, pick anything!)

Aside from the bins, please try not to buy anything new. Instead, reuse what you already own & have enough tape (ideally of good quality) to go a few times around the joining surfaces, since a lot of tiny vapes together are in fact very heavy (and so are the batteries).

You can print the following ad & add parts of it on the box you’re making  (the entire message is too big to fit on one box), or the message can be put on display next to it.

What to do when a box is full?

Take the contents to a recycling facility for electronics. If you live in N.Y.C., this is what you should keep an eye for from spring till late fall (read to the end for year-round alternatives):

See Upcoming SAFE Disposal Events

For instance, well over 100 pounds of vapes, plus batteries, chargers & other small electronics collected in a few Brooklyn public spaces were delivered to the SAFE events starting 2022. Everyone’s contribution is very much appreciated; that includes all Climate Cafe volunteers who took part at the free workshop where nine such boxes were made in March ’24 & of course, gratitude to all businesses who decided to host a box regardless if they are on the map or not!

Last but not least, talk about this so more people make their own disposal containers & eventually get to ‘share the box*.’ 😀 When you do that*, you enable others to do the right thing, thus to feel right! Due to only good reasons it is safe to say that these boxes can make one think outside the box!




Want to find out more ?

Hint -> What was first? The chicken or the egg? It wasn’t figured out yet, but sure thing, this video came first, then the boxes.

The Vape Hunt

Now that you know how to make a box, next step is to fill it. No matter if you vape or not, start playing this simple game which implies picking up the littered vapes you encounter on your way.

Never grab them with bare hands; disinfect them right away or at home (alcohol from the dollar store works fine; wipe them only, do not immerse them in liquid); always use your judgement by not collecting vapes from puddles & such.The vapes do not have to be in one piece. Do not discard dirty vapes in the boxes.

And remember, if anyone asks you what’s going on, the answer is… this is a modern urban game. Enjoy hunting vapes! 😀

Why do it? Little pill bugs have been working silently in the background, cleaning heavy metals out of the soil for the past  300 million years. That’s impressive. Let’s look up to them ; )  & help them help us by picking up vapes, which consist of plastic, metal & lithium-ion batteries.

Adopt/Foster or Gift a Box

Do you have a friend who vapes, or perhaps a family member? Mention these boxes or just gift them one. This is the real deal, low maintenance, practical Tamagotchi game that never dies; because it is hungry for vapes & single-use vapes are everywhere, that’s why.


Feed the box & say, “Baby, I love you!” ; )

If a small local business is interested in acquiring a disposal container for tiny electronics, but they seem to be slow in response, worry not! In case you or your friends have some extra money & would like to do something nice with it, then go ahead – surprise the store with a box, and even offer to help by emptying it at least once. It usually takes up to a few months to fill one up & if you can’t take care of it the second or the third time, it’s okay. Finding someone to replace you shouldn’t be hard.

Did a business change their mind? Not a problem & don’t insist. There are many places that would love to receive such a gift. Take it back & go ask around!

Try to find a good home for the vape disposal box; even if they keep it out/ next to the entrance during the day, it should be indoors outside business hours, (never unattended over night in order to avoid vapes/box theft or damage), and always protected from snow or rain. Really, treat it like the nice, hard-working Tamagotchi that it is!

Following is a video of a box with a lid, keeping the contents dry! Also, the bins did extremely well when the screws were applied – still no craze lines! Due to their durability, the good news is that the two bins can be joined using screws!

Bins joined with screws (meaning that you can now use less the tape) -> no craze lines or cracks!

P.S. If the boxes get filled very fast, or if the SAFE events are on break during wintertime, know that the Sanitation of NYC has drop-off locations open year-round in each borough, one day per week. (However, at the beginning, until people get used to the presence of the box, it will take a few months to fill one up, so the SAFE events are a good start because of the perspective they offer. Go check them out!)