Eco-Scavenger Hunt/ Tour

This free Eco-Scavenger Hunt/Tour has the clues available online (click here), meaning that anyone could read it at home (as if it was a coffee table book with lots of pictures), or go out on the route if they are in New York!

There are two routes available in Brooklyn (zip code 11206), hence two teams can play this game. However, one person alone could do so as well -> treat it as a scavenger hunt, or do it as a neighborhood tour; anything works ; )

The trajectory¬† & the story are built around just a few types of street tags hidden in plain view – not shown in this video – done by unknown street artists, that even the locals living or working on those streets haven’t noticed (or not enough, so we’ve heard ; ) Well, I guess they will now, and so will you!

Enjoy, and also receive a practical eco-gift when you do it in person (while supplies last)!